About me

My Spiritual Journey



They say hindsight is always 20/20 and, so; I can now connect the seemingly disjointed

events of my life that led me to finding my joyful purpose! 

It seems I've been preparing myself for this from early on to become an amazing QHHT Practitioner.  Amazing? because it's like a hand-in-glove fit for me, being guided from heartfelt intention, intuition,a storehouse of lifetime, holistic information constantly being avidly absorbed, and partnering with your Higher Self.. 



As a descendant from the Philippines, born in a U.S. Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA, I was raised as a Roman Catholic .  However, the indoctrinated "God" taught there did not resonate for me.   While growing up in the San Francisco, CA bay area;  we only said prayers twice a year;  before partaking dinner for our Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve annual, family gatherings.   Of course, seeing my cousins was fun, but the Catholic "God" concept taught there didn't seem real to me.



Yet , I felt deeply spiritual, for I can vividly recall my poignant thoughts at the age of 13.  I felt a deep sense of connection to all humankind, being sensitive and emphatic for others.  The thoughts seemed innate, that we were suppose to help one another and take care of Mother earth, her flora and fauna.  Even in my youth, being ignorant of worldly matters, I just knew we were not doing a very good job.  


I retreated to our libraries during my school years.   I remember reading my high school library's whole section on extra-sensory perception, finding the different topics fascinating.


i feel compelled to learn all I can holistically in order to optimize myself personally, but also with the desire to be able to better serve others,.

Later, research became convenient right at my fingertips;  the internet made it's debut.  Wherein, exciting  unlimited information and YouTubes increasingly becomes available in how to reach our fullest potential.    I discovered intriguing books, such as; "A Course of Miracles" and "The Urantia Book.,"  besides a plethora of endless information from different sources.


.  At an even earlier age, I thank my mom for sharing the event of seeing her favorite uncle, shockingly, walk through her bedroom door as she was in bed for a nap as a child.  When she finally garnered enough courage to uncover herself, she ran downstairs to find her mother crying, for she just learned her brother had made his transition.  For me, without question, that was evidence that we were more than just a physical body.

I thank one of my brothers for bravely "coming out of the closet," after high school.  Sadly, he was shunned by mom and our 3 other brothers.  He was suicidal that 1st year.  His sexual orientation wasn't a choice for him.  For me, it was a lesson to love and accept people as they are.  He was the most supportive brother while growing up, and still is.  I remember him saying to go for my dreams and not to worry about dad's approval.  He volunteers much of his time being supportive for others, too.  

I thank my late father for making me his favorite recipient as his displacement object (or maybe I was just talented in knowing how to tick him off) in dealing with his frustrations.  I realized later in life, much of it probably stemmed from dealing with much racism.  First, within the U.S. Navy (he joined right after WWII after proudly serving the Philippine Guerrilla Army in which he proudly helped rescue the remaining 511 U.S. POW's from that horrific Baton Death March) and then, throughout his civilian life  (he was a very artistic, talented chef, but not feeling recognized by his employers).  He gave me the strength to weather life's challenges and taught me the importance to praise your children whenever possible and restrain from negative reinforcement (abstain from belittling or physical disciplining).  He also taught me forgiveness.  After viewing, "The Great Raid," (written by a former war buddy/friend, his book was made into this movie), I telephoned my dad telling him I was proud of him, that what he did was very courageous, and I now understood why he was always so cocky!  Our relationship was transformed.  I regret not talking to him more (more respect should be given to our wisened elders!), and, of course, not inheriting his awesome cooking skills, for he made his transition in 2012.


Then, in my 2nd marriage, living in Pontiac, Michigan, I was widowed when my daughter was just 1.   I raised her up solely (my family was in CA, and my mother-in-law was a great help and is still a loving presence!); I felt much remorse and guilt for losing my temper 3 times with her.  I learned belatedly that at elementary school-age level, children actually don't develop organizational skills until in their  adolescence (thanks to my college course,  Developmental Psychology).  I also felt I mismanaged our monies (which meant her having to repay a large college debt upon graduation).  Thankfully, after my apology to her a few years ago, I was greeted with loving reassurance that she felt she had a good childhood (whew! the positive praising worked!!!), but, also, I realized that I did the best I could at that point in time, and that everyone, including my dad, did their best, too.  So, I learned forgiveness for myself, and of course, not to judge others.  

Her father, my late husband, L.C., taught me the existence of inequity of treatment received if you're black and uneducated, and empathy for those partners dealing with supporting your loved one's last days (he passed away with Hodgkin's Disease (belatedly diagnosed, Stage IV).  Ah!  he also brought me back to "square one." It was unbelievable to me, since my 1st husband was very racist against blacks, his best friend and boss was white!  that there's good and bad in any "race."  I now realize you see what you want to see; that we are being programmed on a subconscious level from our environment (but changeable thru life experiences!).  So, instead of differences; I try to focus on our commonalities, and that love and acceptance is the only powerful key to bring adversaries around.


So, after leaving the Catholic church as a sophomore in high school; I remembered being invited to all the different church denominations within the Christian community; nothing "clicked."  In 2001, my neighbor lent me his, "Conversations with God," authored by Neale Donald Walsh.  I was hooked, the metaphysical perspective clicked, even interpreting bible verses this way made more sense to me.  However, I was still leery of a book that was so altered and gleaned of probably, much empowering information.  

Then in 2002, my gifted, and talented massage teacher, Hal Rudnianan, gave me Deepak Chopra's audio cassette program (yes, my Dodge Dakota pickup had a cassette player!), "Magical Mind, Magical Body."  I listened avidly to his cassettes as I commuted alternate 3-day weekends to joyfully visit my daughter and my granddaughter from the Detroit area to Columbus, Ohio area.  Chopra expounds about the power of our thoughts, all basing his statements on Harvard Studies.  In much gratitude, my massage teacher opened the door of "healing" which resonated deeply within me.  Being emphatic, I always had this innate desire to help alleviate others' pains.  Hal was amazing, for during his workshop sojourn, in Beijing, China, he was able  to witness Qigong Masters live!  After reading his article in the Massage and Bodywork Journal, feeling very intrigued, I promptly created my Qigong Energy-balancing Workout.  I am constantly evolving it, integrating, newly acquired knowledge into my simple-to-do, yet highly complex routine.  (This easy workout will be available on YouTube soon) I noticed that my annual colds disappeared.as I also noted increased flexibility.  Anyway, back then, Hal taught us all the different alternative modalities for healing acute and chronic conditions.  Our Swedish massages were the bomb, for Hal included acupressure points and energywork!  He taught me the magic stems from your heartfelt intent!


Then in 2005, my world was about to turn upside down with a series of seemingly, endless challenging hills to climb.  Thankfully and synchronistically, I discovered, excitedly, that Deepak Chopra was going to speak at one of my co-worker's church.   After listening to his discourse on his new book, "The Book of Secrets," I became very curious about a church that would present speakers like Chopra.  Then after visiting Renaissance Unity I was hooked again.  I discovered, that their church was actually started in Myrtle Fillmore's kitchen!  She learned how to affirmatively pray, healed herself of chronic illnesses (rwhich was emarkable during the late 1800's), and pretty soon, people were leaving her kitchen walking, seeing again, being healed!  I am so thankful for the Unity churches that enriched my life with speakers that presented the intangible subjects that other christian churches didn't, and for teaching me how to apply, "The Law of Attraction."   

Eventually, I left the Unity churches to go down the rabbit hole, researching where the heck Christ went during his "missing years."  Unity churches also didn't talk about it, but I am full of gratitude for reiterating Chopra's teachings by embedding within me, "The Law of Attraction" concept.  To me, Jesus Christ was our amazing Wayshower, Master Teacher.  He demonstrated  our amazing unlimited potential as a human being!  He even said, "All these good works you can do and even more!"  Ha!  Now THAT resonated within me without question.  He disappears from the bible between the ages of 12-30 years old, then reappears as a "Master."  How intriguing is that??? Now that's what I want to learn!   I am in utmost gratitude to Christ and fully embrace what he demonstrated.  My life's objective  is to become Christ and inspire others to be all they can be, too!  Imagine that!  he came here not to be worshiped, but to empower us; definitely thought-provoking!


Thank goodness, for the internet's YouTubes which I constantly view,  instead of T.V. programs (programming?!!!),   Through one YouTube, I discovered The Monroe Institute (TMI), their national headquarters is only 6 hours east from Columbus, OH, located in Farber, VA.  Robert Monroe's programs are designed to help you become all you can be without religious dogma. Therein, after  enrolling into his Gateway program I discovered, personally (through his amazing hemisync brain entrainment meditations), that we are truly more than a physical body! So, again. our unlimited power comes from our heart; with love intent we are truly unlimited beings! 

 From TMI's MC Squared  program, we playfully bent spoons and forks easily, lite up light bulbs in our hands, and other feats were accomplished through heartfelt, intentional, playful thoughts.  Just as Hal, my massage teacher, commented, "It's not so much as the technique; it's the intention that makes the magic happens!"  TMI's international headquarters in Farber, VA has the best accommodations; yummy foods catering to all diets, and you get to meet fascinating, wonderful, people from all walks of life.  Their program offerings are so cool; I know William Buhlman (the Out-of-Body guru!) has a program offering; wherein, you or your loved ones can prepare for a smoother, peaceful transition. Awe


.Then, also thru the internet, I excitedly discover that Joan Ocean has been hosting cetacean, Hawaiian snorkeling expeditions!   After reading her fascinating books years ago, "The Dolphin Connection," and "Dolphins into the Future," my dream was manifested February, 2019!  I was honored to meet her and swim with her beautiful and thrilling 100's of dolphins in the wild.  All of us (on her 2-week February, 2019, "The Calling" and "The Cosmos" Hawaiian swimming expeditions) were awed as we were also among the humpback whales as they came down to birth their babies!  What a pleasant, synchronistic surprise; I discovered that Joan has been hosting events and even provided her own documentation of aliens, and other similar subjects, and has speakers like the supersoldier, Corey Goode!  She taught me there is no such thing as science-fiction; what we see in the movies is real!  Thank you, Joan!


Finally, I feel like my ship has finally sailed into a safe harbor.  My ongoing research connected me to Dolores Cannon's fascinating Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) YouTubes.  A REAL, awesome Avatar!  She actually took over 40 years creating and developing her QHHT .  So, with acute conditions, energywork works fine, but for chronic conditions (just as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine) every thought affects every cell in your body (again, thank you, Hal!).  This is where her QHHT is effective.  I remember getting goosebumps as I signed up for Dolores Cannon's QHHT program, May 2019.  Miraculously, I quickly accelerated to Level 2 Practitioner (many thanks to my friends, family, and new-found friends!), in September (2019); 4 exciting, short months later!  I eagerly attended their incredible Transformational Gathering training at Mount Shasta, CA.  Therein, I personally witnessed, first-hand, that there is truly no linear time; that we are living the past, present and future now! 

With 40+ years of perseverance, Cannon's  QHHT actually facilitates our client into the same, deep hypnotic trance state as Edgar Cayce (dubbed as, "The Father of Holistic Medicine") was able to self-induce.  Therein, by connecting you to your Higher Self, you will unlock helpful answers that will transform your present life.  It was through Cannon's clients' QHHT sessions that her 17 books were sourced.  Mind you, a person can't lie nor fake emotion while in trance.  From the short time of facilitating my own QHHT sessions, everything that she learned (as portrayed in her 1st book, "Five Lives Remembered," and what she says in her, "Discovering Your Oneness with God," YouTube) I personally witnessed is true!  So, I learned, to throw out our man-made, indoctrinated beliefs, because, truly, as she says, "Anything is possible!"  I discovered that not only is science-fiction not fiction, but also mythology (Greek God, Achilles) and fantasy (Beauty and the Beast) are nonfiction, too!  Hmmm....it appears people are accessing this information as they create our entertaining movies!!!


In conclusion, I'm realizing that the more we release man-made, indoctrinated, disempowering beliefs, the more we uncover how unlimited and powerful we truly are!  Our body's natural state is perfect, ageless health.  With free will, we can change our  present and even future experiences; anything we can imagine.  As Walt Disney says, "If you can dream it, you can do it!"  So, if you're ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and tap into your unlimited, powerful self, reach out to me, and with heartfelt intention, we can transform your life together now!