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Shelly B., Columbus, Ohio:
I  highly recommend Debi as a QHHT facilitator! Her wisdom and intuitive insight, combined with her skills as a facilitator who carefully adheres  to Dolores Cannon's protocol, are the perfect combination. She creates a safe and soothing environment in which to explore, learn and communicate with your Higher Self!

Rick G., Columbus, Ohio:
My session with Debi was fantastic. I felt relaxed and in touch, and left  knowing I had tapped into some important lessons. Definitely recommend!

Linda C., Richmond, Indiana:
I would highly recommend Debi Moody to anyone interested in a QHHT session.  The environment she created was relaxing and the experience  was fascinating!   I had no idea what to expect as Debi guided me on an  internal journey, but I felt safe and open to the experience the entire time.  There were so many questions I felt my session answered for me with some happy, unexpected results as well.   

Allan K., Columbus, Ohio: 

Recently, I had my first QHHT session with Debi.  It was my first one and it was a really great one, too!  I experienced deep connection within and to my Higher Self, as well as to past lives, and traveling through the dimensions of time. Debi created a conducive environment where I felt  safe, protected and heard. Debi herself has a calming, soothing presence, intuitive, and is able to guide well. She’s able to  pull pieces of information and connect it all to each other. I had a  great session with her. I experienced a dreamlike and peaceful state.  Debi is wonderful and I’d recommend her to others! She does a good job following the protocol set by Dolores Cannon. 

Anna M. Columbus, OH

I highly recommend Debi for a QHHT session.  She a very skilled facilitator and follows Dolores Cannon's protocol.  As soon as I met Debi I felt a connection to her.  She made me feel very safe and comfortable so I was able to reach my Higher Self and upon leaving after my session I knew why I am here at the present time and why I behave in ways that I never understood until I had my QHHT session with Debi.  I highly recommend Debi Moody for a QHHT session!!!